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The Cubiks test, which is also known as the Cubiks assessment, is a psychometric and aptitude test utilized by numerous companies, agencies, and organizations from over 50 countries all over the world as part of its employment process.

But with our in-depth study guides, video guides, and practice tests, we can help you turn this hurdle into a mere stepping stone for you to overcome and land that dream job of yours!

What is the Cubiks Assessment?

Sometimes known as the Cubiks Logiks test or the Cubiks Online test, the Cubiks assessment is a specialized psychometric test utilized by companies or employers to measure a candidate’s cognitive ability to see if they are suitable for the position that they are applying for

The test is administered by Cubiks and is split into three sections: Abstract, Numerical, and Verbal.

The Cubiks Abstract Test

Also known as the Cubiks Diagrammatic test or the Cubiks Abstract Ability test, this portion of the Cubiks test measures the candidate’s ability to analyse and draw logical inferences from diagrammatic data by identifying patterns in diagrams and identifying a missing, or following, diagram in the series.

If taken in its single form, mostly for those pursuing a managerial position though there are versions for fresh graduates, the test contains 60 questions that are to be answered in 30 minutes.

The Cubiks Numerical Test

Also known as the Cubiks Numerical Reasoning test or the Cubiks Numerical Ability test, this test is intended to measure the candidate’s ability to analyse numerical data using basic numerical and computation skills which are relevant to the workplace.

The data is presented in the form of graphs, diagrams, and statistical tables.

Like the abstract ability test, the Cubiks numerical test has two versions, one for those applying for a managerial position and one for fresh graduates.

The managerial version of the test contains 24 questions to be answered in 20 minutes while the one for the fresh graduates contain 30 questions to be answered in 20 minutes.

The Cubiks Verbal Test

Also known as the Cubiks Verbal Ability test or the Cubiks Verbal Ability test, this test is intended to assess the candidate’s ability to comprehend written information and understand the logic of written arguments, which is in the form of business oriented data relevant to the workplace.

The candidate will be presented with a paragraph containing four to six different facts and then given a statement. The task is to work out if the statement is true, false, or impossible to discern (cannot say) based on the given facts.

Like the previous tests, there are two versions available for the verbal test, one for those aiming for a managerial position, which contains 44 questions and to be answered within 20 minutes, and one for fresh graduates, which contains 42 questions to be answered in 20 minutes.

As you can see, while the subject matter of the three tests contained within the Cubiks test isn’t all that hard to begin with, the mere fact that the test-taker has to answer such a large amount of questions in such a short amount of time can easily cause them to panic and make a mistake in a bid to answer every question.

Cubiks Assessment & PAPI Preparation Course

The Cubiks PAPI Test

The Cubiks PAPI 3 assessment is the most recent test to check for personality traits in a future employee. By taking a questionnaire, a potential employer will be able to see your preferences and behaviors, before you even start working.

The 7 focus areas for the PAPI include engagement, impact & drive, organization & structure, interaction, work momentum, and composure.

Are There Other Versions of the Cubiks Assessment?

Although it isn’t much different from the aforementioned tests, since they contain the same subjects, there are other versions of the Cubiks test, known as the Cubiks Logiks test. Under these, there are two forms: the Cubiks Logiks Intermediate, and the Cubiks Logiks Advanced.

The Cubiks Logiks Intermediate

This test is the less-administered form of the Cubiks Logiks, but is nonetheless popular with a wide range of employers for screening applicants. The test is comprised of 50 questions which are to be answered in a strict a 12-minute time limit.

In this test, 16 of the questions questions will be that of the Cubiks Numerical Ability test, 24 will be that of the Verbal Ability Test, and 10 questions will revolve around the Cubiks Abstract Ability test. Throughout the test, you are not allowed to use a calculator.

The Cubiks Logiks Advanced

The Advanced portion of the Cubiks test has a few different intricacies than the Intermediate version. In this version, the test-taker has 20 minutes to answer 30 questions comprised of 8 numerical questions, 12 verbal questions, and 10 abstract questions.

While this may seem easier since there is more time and less questions than the Cubiks Logiks Intermediate, more often than not, most of these questions are always high-difficulty so that only the best applicants can pass it.

Who is This Course For?

If you have been asked to take a Cubiks test as part of a job application, then this course is for you to take advantage of since this test is typically difficult for most people and the stress from the strict time limit can impact their concentration tremendously.

With our study guides and all-encompassing Cubiks practice test, you can take away the fear of the time limit because you’ll be equipped with all the tips and strategies needed for each question type in the actual test.

Between the Cubiks Logiks’ Intermediate and Advanced-Level exams, we have prepared comprehensive resources to help you study and prepare for this challenging assessment.

After all, it is not enough that you get the minimum score that employers set for the Cubiks Assessment and more often than not, they will always turn their attention to applicants who have higher scores or only those who managed to get the highest score.

Who is This Course For?

  • Expert Strategies – This course is designed to teach you the most effective approach to this exam, having been designed by our veteran psychometric instructors.
  • Time Trap Avoidance – Many questions on this test are meant to trip you up and take too long. By learning to strategically skip these questions, you can maximize your effectiveness within the necessary time limit.
  • All-Inclusive Curriculum – This course covers both the Cubiks Logiks & Cubiks Personality & Preference Inventory (PAPI) test. Because of this, you can prepare yourself fully for the Cubiks Test suite, as administered by a potential employer.

What You’ll Learn

  • Strategy and Time Management – Since taking a Cubiks Test involves answering your questions quickly, our proven strategies, with the help of easy-to-use video-based courses, will save you significant time.
  • Lighting-Fast Tactic – The curriculum-based preparation will lead you to the correct solution.
  • Recognizing & Avoiding Time Traps – For the Intermediate and Advanced tests, time traps are intentionally placed questions to get you off track. Become aware of these and skip them to save you precious time.
  • Cubiks PAPI – Along with preparing for the Cubiks test, an instructional guide is included on how to take the Cubiks PAPI Test. You will be prepared from every angle with these resources you can obtain.

How is this Course Different?

What sets this course apart is a comprehensive approach to teaching the concepts. While other courses on the market focus almost entirely on practice tests with little instructional content, we offer comprehensive Cubiks Assessment preparation resources and curated Cubiks practice tests.

These will help you evaluate your performance to see what kind of assistance you need moving forward when the Cubiks Logiks test is concerned.

In many cases, stress can impact performance up to 40%, so it is vital to prepare for the high-stakes situation you will be facing. But, with the help of this course, you will have all the tools to prepare and thrive in this kind of testing environment, easily overcoming any challenges that come your way.

By using our resources, you will be able to face your Cubiks assessment with confidence.

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