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Critical Thinking Test is a highly challenging pre-employment tool used by a wide variety of employers. Prepare for the 5 key question types and ace the test with Prepterminal’s comprehensive course.

About the Critical Thinking Course

Critical Thinking Appraisal is a challenging test administered by companies worldwide, and most frequently by law firms, for the test’s ability to measure critical predictors for future success in roles which require an individual to demonstrate clarity when dealing with multiple perspectives, making vital distinctions between fact and assumption.

The Tests deal with 5 main categories:

  • Evalutating Arguments
  • Evaluating Assumptions
  • Evaluating Deductions
  • Evaluating Inferences
  • Interpreting Information

Each category effectively measures a number of dimensions of the candidate’s critical thinking ability, and as such is designed to be very challenging by using questions which will confuse and mislead the unprepared.

Candidates can overcome these challenges with the correct preparation. Prepterminal’s Critical Thinking Prep Course has been built piece-by-piece to effectively walk test-takers through every question type with detailed guides and practice sets, so that you can eliminate the mystery surrounding this challenging exam and focus your efforts on preparing for success.

Foundations of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking embodies a disciplined, systematic approach to actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to derive sound conclusions. This intellectual process hinges on several key components, including analysis, evaluation, inference, explanation, and self-regulation. Contrary to logical thinking, which revolves around logical reasoning and objective assessment, creative thinking involves the generation of original ideas and innovative solutions through imaginative processes.

Critical Thinking Course

For Whom is this Course For?

  • Applicants to a new position who have never taken the test
  • Applicants to a new position who have previously taken the test and wish to improve their score
  • Candidates for internal progression within a company who are required to take Test

Test-taking Strategies

To optimize performance on critical thinking assessments, individuals should:

  1. Manage time effectively: Allocate sufficient time for reading, analyzing, and responding to questions, while avoiding excessive time spent on any single item, to ensure balanced progress.
  2. Employ active reading and note-taking: Engage with the material by reading with a purpose, highlighting crucial points, and summarizing key ideas, thereby facilitating comprehension and retention.
  3. Recognize common fallacies: Acquaint oneself with prevalent logical fallacies to spot instances of flawed reasoning in arguments and enhance evaluative abilities.
  4. Identify question types and strategies: Grasp the structure and requirements of diverse question formats and customize the approach accordingly for optimal results.
  5. Maintain focus and confidence: Remain calm, trust one’s capabilities, and employ relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing and visualization, to mitigate test anxiety and maintain composure throughout the assessment.

Practice Exercises and Resources

To further hone critical thinking skills, participants can:

  • Engage with sample questions and explanations: Analyze real-life examples that mirror the test format, gain insights into correct and incorrect responses, and understand the rationale behind each answer.
  • Participate in guided practice sessions: Work through problems under the supervision of experienced instructors to sharpen your abilities, receive personalized feedback, and address areas that require improvement.
  • Utilize interactive online exercises: Apply learned concepts and strategies in a dynamic, engaging environment that facilitates active learning and reinforces understanding.
  • Explore recommended books and articles: Delve into a curated selection of resources that offer deeper insights into critical thinking, its principles, and its applications in various contexts.
  • Access online support and discussion forums: Connect with fellow learners and educators in a collaborative space, fostering the exchange of ideas, experiences, and valuable insights that enrich the learning process.

What You’ll Get:

  • 5 Full module quiz sets
  • Online study guides with module quizzes
  • 2 Full Critical Thinking mock exams

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Psychometric Tutor, Prepterminal Test Expert

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Success Stories

Discover what 73 students said about us:

Hey, if you're getting ready to take the CritiCall examination, I've got a tip for you. You should definitely use this material that I used when I prepared for the test. It worked for me, and I passed the exam easily. This resource is the real deal and covers all the knowledge you need to know for the test. I found it extremely helpful, and I think it's a must-have for all first-time applicants. Trust me, you won't regret using it.

Brandon J

The information provided in this prep course is accurate. The guides explain the correct approach to the multiple-choice questions, and the Criticall simulation course provides valuable tips on time management and other aspects of the exam and recruitment process. Thanks to this prep course, I was able to pass the Critical Test and secure a job with Rural/Metro Corporation.

Nathaniel L.

I've taken the CritiCall test before, but I'm gearing up for an upcoming opportunity at the NY Police Department, so I wanted to make sure I'm fully prepared. I gotta say, this prep material is the most accurate and reliable one I've come across. Thanks a lot for creating it! It's been a huge help in getting me ready for the test. I may even come back to use it again in the future, but hopefully, I won't have to if I get the opportunity. Fingers crossed!

Marcey F

The preparation package includes valuable advice and tactics for enhancing not just reading speed, but also comprehension. Although some of the tips and strategies may seem obvious, it is helpful to be reminded of them. While there are some repeated points throughout the material, this reinforces the course's key messages.

Sophia W.

The prep course is packed with valuable information, but unfortunately, I didn't pass the CRITICALL test due to my typing speed. Despite typing at 67 words per minute, I struggled with unexpected emergency broadcasts during the exam. However, this material was helpful for the multiple choice questions, and the map reading section was important. I highly recommend this prep course for anyone preparing for the test.

Eric L.

This prep pack can help you prepare for the Criticall police test. If you study it thoroughly and complete the included tests successfully, you will likely be well-prepared for the actual exam. The tests in the prep pack closely resemble the real thing and can provide valuable guidance for becoming a dispatcher. I currently work for the NJ Police Department and found this prep pack to be a helpful resource.

Harry R

Thanks to this prep pack, I passed the Criticall test and now work for Convergys. The study guide is excellent and provides a step-by-step approach. The best part is that it explains the right answers and why they are correct.

Dwight J

The material in this prep pack closely matched the official Criticall exam I took this month. One thing that really stood out to me was the importance of typing speed. I struggled a bit during the exam because I wasn't quick enough, but the practice I did on typing helped me save time in other sections and finally pass.

Alberto A

Although I could have saved some time by skipping a few of the math-related sections, I'm glad I purchased this prep course from Prepterminal. It provided a clear idea of the types of questions on my exam, and the practice test at the end was a perfect reflection of the actual exam. I highly recommend this prep course for anyone who wants to excel on the 911 operator exam.

Anuj G.

This resource is valuable for anyone considering a career as a dispatcher. While the price for the prep course is a bit high, the quality of the exercises is very good. I highly recommend this online course for anyone interested in becoming a dispatcher or curious about the 911 call process.

John E.

Critical Thinking Course
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