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A vast majority of professions come with pre-employment cognitive ability tests, which are intentionally difficult to filter out the best candidates. Prepterminal’s All-Inclusive Cognitive Ability Course is designed to prepare you for the various challenges posed by Cognitive Ability Tests.

About the Cognitive Ability Test

Companies worldwide administer cognitive ability exams as part of their pre-employment screening process. By administering difficult exams, they aim to filter out the best candidates for the benefit of their business. Cognitive exams are usually administered in three key categories:

  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning

These categories might sound no worse than your average IQ exam, but these tests are more difficult for two key reasons: first, the questions are intentionally more difficult; and second, these tests are almost always administered with a restrictive time limit. These two factors in combination are used to apply pressure to candidates in such a way that their ability is differentiated by how well they function under said pressure – after all, a genius-level intellect is useless in a business environment if the individual cannot function the moment any pressure is applied.

Prepterminal’s All-Inclusive Cognitive Ability Prep Course covers all of the key question types one would typically expect to find on such an exam, making use of a module-based curriculum featuring both written and video guides, with practice questions at the end of each module to help reinforce your learning. At the end of this course, you’ll find three full practice tests to apply your learning in a timed environment that tests your knowledge on questions across all three categories.

Who The Cognitive Ability Course Is For

  • Job applicants who have been asked to take a cognitive ability test as part of their application
  • Job hunters who want to prepare for any potential cognitive ability exams which they may encounter as part of their search
  • Individuals who have previously taken a cognitive ability test and wish to improve their score

Rapid Cognitive Ability Course

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Rapid Cognitive Ability Course
| 268 Reviews |1826 Students