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The CFAT test is a highly challenging aptitude test administered by the Canadian Armed Forces in order to select the best candidates for duty. Prepterminal’s CFAT preparation course is designed to fully prepare you for this challenging examination.

About the CFAT Prep Course

The Canadian Armed Forces maintain a rigorous selection standard in order to ensure that new recruits possess the level of general aptitude required in order to perform to a high standard. The CFAT is a major aspect of this selection process, and focuses on three main areas of aptitude:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning

Each of these areas is designed to challenge your ability to handle questions of varying difficulty in a strictly-limited timeframe. While the questions themselves may not be terribly difficult in an untimed environment, it is the time limit which is designed to put you under pressure and challenge you in an often-stressful manner.

This is where we come in. Our CFAT course is tailor-made to help you not only learn how to answer the questions, but also how to manage your time and keep cool under pressure with our module-based curriculum and realistic practice sets. Don’t go into your test unprepared: start preparing today to ace the test and land the position.

Who The CFAT Preparation Course Is Fore

  • Individuals considering joining the Canadian Forces who wish to go in prepared
  • Applicants who have already applied and are due to take the test
  • Those who have previously failed the test and would like to understand how to improve their score

Rapid CFAT Prep Course

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