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Bestseller 73 Reviews | 6,626 students | Last Updated: Jan 24, 2023
Created by: Michael Lerner - BSc, Psychometric Tutor, Prepterminal Test Expert

Caliper Kickstart Programme

Bestseller 73 Reviews | 6,626 students | Last Updated: Jan 24, 2023
Created by: Michael Lerner - BSc, Psychometric Tutor, Prepterminal Test Expert
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The Caliper Test is widely used by employers to filter out the best candidates and hire top performers. Only 10% of test-takers achieve a score that indicates the best fit for any given job.

  • Length: Untimed
  • Number of questions: 112 questions

You need to prepare thoroughly if you want to get ahead of the competition and secure the job. Where other pre-employment exams ask simple questions in a timed environment, the Caliper takes a different approach by asking much harder questions without the time limit. Candidates who take this exam without adequate preparation almost always hit a wall as they don’t know what to expect and don’t know how to answer the questions. The best and most trusted method for Caliper prep is Prepterminal’s Caliper Prep Course. With our 10-module curriculum, you can prepare for every part of the Caliper Assessment in under 5 hours.

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What Is the Caliper Test?

The caliper pre-employment test examines your cognitive strengths and personality profile. It features 98 questions and four sections.

  • Two personality questionnaires –  selecting statements that are in keeping with you the most/ least.
  • Cognitive – Where you need to choose the missing number or figure in a series.
  • Personality – where you need to decide how strongly you agree with a specific statement.

The majority of applicants take around one hour to complete the full Caliper Tests, however, there is no real-time limit. The aim of the personality section is to measure your characteristics and traits against other candidates for the job. According to your answer, your potential employer will get a profile of your drives, strengths, potential, and limitations.

Once they receive a report of your profile the company will likely hire the candidate with the best match between their traits and the job role requirements.

Caliper Assessment Practice Test

Caliper Kickstart Programme

Bestseller 73 Reviews | 6,626 students | Last Updated: Jan 24, 2023
Created by: Michael Lerner - BSc, Psychometric Tutor, Prepterminal Test Expert

Caliper Assessment Practice Test

Caliper Assessment: Course Content

How Do Employers Use Caliper Test Results?

Caliper assessment results, also known as Caliper Profile results, are used to bring an added level of depth to the interview process. For instance, results indicated by the Caliper Test can be used as a benchmark against which other responses given during the interview process can be compared. For instance, a candidate may be asked how they would behave in a hypothetical leadership situation. If their response does not match up well with results gathered from the Caliper test, it may be discerned that that particular response is not a true reflection of their general attitude towards leadership, and is, in fact, a specifically-tailored response meant to appease the interviewer.

What does our Prep Pack Cover?

  • Personality Assessments
  • Caliper Personality Testing
  • Caliper Personality Profiles
  • Number Series
  • Figural Analogies
  • Figural Series
  • Matrices
  • Interview Prep
  • Full Caliper Tests

What is Included?

Quick Online Prep Pack

Get immediate access to our advanced and adaptive learning software and get fully prepared to beat the Caliper within a few hours.

Top Quality Caliper Materials

Prepare within a few hours, with the most up-to-date, accurate & effective Caliper prep materials.

Caliper Practice Tests

2 timed, full-length Caliper-style practice tests with 11 module quizzes.

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Introduction to Caliper Assessment Course

Caliper Test Format

When the candidate is administered the test, they will be told that in the self-assessment section there is no binary right or wrong answer. However, there is a guiding rationale behind the questions and, as with any test, a certain pattern of behavior will inevitably be preferable.

The Caliper test consists of 180 questions in total, with no time limit. All questions must be answered – there is no option to skip questions. Generally speaking, it is found that candidates tend to require two to three hours to fully complete the test.

Question Examples

Questions are delivered in a variety of formats. The majority of questions take a self-assessment format, while others involve pattern recognition problems. In the case of the self-assessment questions, questions can require that the candidate grades a number of statements from ‘most’ to ‘least’, or that a single statement is selected out of a number of options.

For example:

Choose a statement that best describes you and the statement that least describes you Most Least
Sometimes it’s better to lose than to risk hurting someone
Established practices and/or standards should always be followed
I’m generally good at making “small talk”
I sometimes lose control of my workday

Check the right answer:

Caliper’s statement-based questions aren’t presented in a “correct/incorrect” format. Rather, these questions are intended to determine your fit to a given position. This means that the “correct” answer varies by job role, as some traits are more highly-valued in certain job roles. For example, those applying to a leadership position should tend toward answers which portray hardworking and well-managed workplace behavior. Selections involving one’s skill at making “small talk” would be less impactful in a leadership position, but could be helpful when applying for an HR role, for example.

Question: What describes you the best?
  • 1:
    I am responsible
  • 2:
    I am resourceful
  • 3:
    I am a leader
  • 4:
    I have great communication skills


As is seen here, it is common for questions to force the candidate to select a response from a number of positive statements about themselves. This means that it is extremely difficult to tailor one’s performance to the requirements of the role as it would seem that most options reflect favorable traits.

In the case of the pattern recognition questions, a sequence of number/letters/shapes is presented and the candidate is required to identify the next letter/number/shape in the sequence.

Question: What is the next number in this sequence?

2, 7, 26, 101, 400

Where the answer is calculated as

  • 1:
  • 2:
  • 3:
  • 4:
  • 5:


The pattern recognition component of the examination is considered to be relatively challenging. This is, of course, compensated by the unlimited time allowance, but many might find this manner of a question to be insurmountable depending on the complexity of the problem.

Test Score

After you complete the Caliper Assessment, your results will be contrasted against the Caliper norm group job models and you will be assigned a score of overall compatibility.
The scores range from 1-99. The higher your score, the better compatibility you have and the more likely you are to be a good fit for the job role.

If you score:

  • 1-29 Your personality traits and drives are not in keeping with the position. This shows you will need to go through a lot of training to perform the required duties.
  • 40-59 Your personality traits and drives are partially in keeping with the role. This means that you could be a good match for the position after you complete some training.
  • 60-99 Your personality traits and drives are a great fit for the position, and you will probably do very well within this role. Your results go straight to your employer. This total comparison and score will let your potential employer see how well you will be able to carry out the specific duties of a certain job role.

Once your employer has assessed how well you will do in a specific job, an employer can also use your Caliper Assessment data to provide you with support in specific areas and help you gain new skills, which will let you do very well in your new job.

You will not receive a copy of the in-depth Caliper Profile unless your potential employer chooses to share the results with you.

A fitting candidate for a job position will receive a certain percentage in each of the four areas seen below.

1. Leadership: This is your capacity to lead others. This trait is particularly pertinent to managerial or supervisory positions. Personality characteristics connected with this area: Risk-taking, and Dominance.

2. Interpersonal skills: This skill shows how well you form and maintain relationships with other people. The characteristic is important in positions where you need to relate directly with customers. For example, in customer service and sales positions. Personality characteristics connected with this area: Empathic, and Social.

3. Problem-Solving: How speedily and well can you solve a problem? This trait is desirable in many positions but is very important if you are in a leadership position. Personality characteristics connected with this area: Reasoning and Risk-Taking

4. Organization and Time Management: How effectively can you organize yourself and oversee the tasks needed for the position? This set of skills is very important for leadership and administrative jobs. Personality Traits connected to this area include: Self-Discipline, Caution

In order to accurately reflect the inner qualities that you want employers to see, it is highly recommended that you undergo the appropriate preparation in order to understand how questions are tailored to assess your traits in the context of a given job role. With the proper preparation, you can improve your performance by ensuring an optimal self-presentation as well as accurate solving of pattern recognition problems.

Prepterminal’s course comes with text and video modules composed by our psychometric experts to accurately prepare you for optimal performance in the Caliper Assessment Test.

If you have been asked to take a Caliper Test and wish to demonstrate to your prospective employer that you’re perfect for the job, start studying today with Prepterminal’s Caliper Assessment Prep Course, our all-in-one modular solution for acing the Caliper.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to fail the Caliper assessment?

The Caliper Assessment is not a pass or fail test. Rather, the test is used to choose the best candidate for a specific job. Recruiters will, thus, put forward candidates that fit the criteria and the job role description. Likewise, they will rule out candidates that don’t fit the criteria.

Thus, even though you cannot technically fail the Caliper Assessment you may be prevented from moving on to the next stage of the recruitment processes if you don’t prove to be a good fit.

Is it possible to see my Caliper test results?

Caliper does not directly provide results to test-takers, so whether you can view your results depends on the choice of your prospective employer.

Is the Caliper test timed?

The Caliper test is untimed, but it usually takes about an hour to complete.

Can a question be skipped in the Caliper test?

You cannot skip questions in the Caliper test, though as there is no time limit you do not need to worry about skipping questions to save time.

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Created by: Michael LernerBSc, Psychometric Tutor, Prepterminal Test Expert
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