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There are many benefits that come with landing a job at Amazon – for one thing, it looks great on your CV. If you aspire to become a Warehouse Fulfillment associate at Amazon you are not alone. Competition is fierce and the recruitment process is tough.

Amongst other things, you will need to complete and pass Amazon’s Warehouse and Fulfillment Assessment Test. Luckily, you have come to the right page. In this guide, our experts will demonstrate how you can excel in your Warehouse and Fulfillment Assessment.

At PrepTerminal, we have specifically for you designed an all-inclusive Amazon prep course. It will help you to get fully prepared not only for the Amazon Warehouse Associate Test but also for other Amazon Assessments.

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What is an Amazon Warehouse Associate Position?

An Amazon warehouse fulfillment associate is responsible for fulfilling and carrying out typical stock orders and warehousing jobs.

Generally, Amazon warehouse fulfillment associates complete the following tasks:

  • Receive and process materials and merchandise
  • Pick and fill orders from merchandise
  • Manage the packing and shipping of Amazon orders
  • Organize and/or recover merchandise
  • Offload Amazon stock trucks
  • Locate merchandise
  • Assemble stock for shipment

An Amazon warehouse fulfillment worker may need to know how to work machinery including, cherry pickers, pallet jackets, and forklifts.

As an Amazon warehouse fulfillment associate, you may also be required to oversee the hiring process, train a team of staff members, and create a comfortable yet professional atmosphere for work.

Glassdoor writes that the average salary for the warehouse fulfillment associate role at Amazon is $32,000 annually.

Amazon Warehouse Jobs Hiring Process

1. Job application and preview

To begin your application process you will need to provide information about yourself. You will then be required to complete an online assessment – the Warehouse and Fulfillment Assessment Test. Following this, you will have the opportunity to select the shifts you would like. Once you have completed your application you will receive a link to a 30-min Virtual Job Preview, where you will be able to get more information about the job of a warehouse associate.

2. Office Hours appointment

Once you have watched the Virtual Job Preview, you will be invited to attend a face-to-face 20-minute Office Hours appointment. You will need to bring with you proof of identification and your employment eligibility. You will not get paid to attend this appointment.

3. Online new hire orientation

Once you successfully complete the above steps, you will get an email that will let you know about your Online New Hire Orientation. Via this session, you will learn all you need to know about working at Amazon.

What’s on the Amazon Fulfillment Assessment?

The Amazon Fulfillment Online Assessment is made up of two components: the Virtual Job Tryout and the Workstyle Assessment.

The following five sections are featured in Amazon’s Virtual Job Tryout test:

  • Situational Job Scenarios – Applicants will rank their responses to the scenarios from “most likely” – “least likely”.
  • Daily Management – Candidates will list tasks and activities according to what they deem to be of most importance and significance.
  • Running an Area – Applicants will receive data in a report format. They will answer questions about these reports.
  • Background and Experience – Applicants will write 1-2 paragraphs about their experience at work and background.
  • Personality Assessment – Candidates will demonstrate their personality type and select the option that best describes their traits.

The Workstyle Assessment:

The Workstyle assessment is, in essence, a personality assessment. Amazon uses this test to measure your work preferences to see if you will fit in with Amazon’s culture.

The assessment takes between 10-20 to complete. The workstyle test gives candidates a pair of statements that reflect diverse working approaches.

When you complete the Workstyle assessment, it is essential that you draw on the Leadership Principles. Amazon always looks for the traits illustrated in these principles, from their potential workers.

Warehouse Associates Interview Process

  • What are the reasons you want to work at a warehouse?
  • Have you worked with heavy machinery before?
  • Tell us about a time when you made a mistake while working, how did you fix it?
  • Can you carry out tasks very accurately?
  • What do you expect to be doing as a warehouse worker?
  • Safety is key for a warehouse worker, what safety measure will you be taking?
  • When have you worked as a team while at work?

Amazon Assessment Prep Course

Amazon Assessment Prep Course FAQs

Is it easy to get hired at the Amazon warehouse?

Getting hired at Amazon warehouse is not necessarily simple. There are many people vying for the same or similar positions. It is recommended that you prepare beforehand.

Is the Amazon warehouse interview difficult?

Interviewing for Amazon Warehouse is not necessarily straightforward. You will need to prepare beforehand and practice answering behavioral style questions according to Amazon’s Leadership Principles and the STAR interview method.

How do I dress for Amazon’s warehouse interview?

Dress with casual, comfortable clothes and wear closed-toe shoes (for safety purposes). The majority of Amazon’s office workers wear everyday clothes to work.

Can I be internally promoted in the Amazon warehouse?

Yes, you can. If you work for an extended period of time in the Amazon warehouse and prove you are a good worker you may want to apply for a promotion. It also helps to build up a strong connection with key individuals, such as the Building Team Leader.

What are Amazon’s Leadership Principles?

  1. Customer Obsession
  2. Ownership
  3. Invent and Simplify
  4. Are right, A Lot
  5. Learn and Be Curious
  6. Hire and Develop the Best
  7. Insist on the Highest Standards
  8. Think Big
  9. Bias for Action
  10. Frugality
  11. Earn Trust
  12. Dive Deep
  13. Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit
  14. Deliver Results

How To Prepare for Your Amazon Warehouse Assessment Test?

Preparing for your Amazon Warehouse Assessment test is easy with Prepterminal’s prep course. Our psychometric test experts have specifically designed our prep course to prepare you with the knowledge and know-how you will need to ace your test.

Our preparatory course comes with simple-to-follow video-based instructions so that you can learn with ease. Our course also features information to help you prepare for your Amazon interview.

Start working towards your desired warehouse and fulfillment job with Amazon today. With our help, you will wow your potential employers at Amazon.

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