Used in over 40 states as a valid form of credentials!

Utilized by more than 4 million professionals today!

Accepted in various industries from healthcare, IT, manufacturing, financing, and others!

For an aspiring professional, especially if this is your first time job hunting, having the certificate will give you an advantage in your job application, especially more so if the employer or company lists it as one of the requirements needed for the position.

This is because it is not just a mere certificate for you to make your credentials or resume look fancy.

In fact, passing the ACT Workkeys Test and getting an NCRC to your name will serve as proof that you have the necessary, if not vital, skill level that is expected of an applicant and is recognized in over 40 states as a valid credential of their employability in a highly competitive job market.

What the ACT Workkeys NCRC Measures

In general, the ACT Workkeys test aims to verify a number of skills or proficiencies of the test-taker, namely in:

Problem solving and critical thinking

Reading and understanding work-related text and documents

Applying mathematical reasoning to work-related problems

Locating, analyzing, and applying information that are presented graphically

Furthermore, the ACT Workkeys Assessment Exam is also used as a national admissions test regularly used by schools to help them determine an applicant’s eligibility.

Furthermore, there are eight kinds of these assessment tests, each varying in the type of skills they measure.

As these tests are quite challenging, they require a good amount of preparation. Many examinees make the mistake of not familiarizing themselves with the exam’s mechanics with the common misstep being the miscalculation of the difficulty of the subject.

What to Expect in the ACT Workkeys Test

The ACT Workkeys Assessment contains three assessments:

Applied Math

This section will have the test taker answer 34 math-related questions ranging from simple mathematical operations to word problems and statistical analysis depending on which level or difficulty (from Level 3 to 7) within a 55-minute time limit. 

Level 3 is considered the easiest while level 7 is the most difficult. While this may seem daunting, test-takers are allowed to use a calculator and they will also be provided with a formula sheet that contains relevant formulas and conversion tables needed to answer a number of questions in the test.

Graphic Literacy

Formerly known as the locating for information test, this 38-item test is a form of cognitive skills test that aims to measure the examinee’s ability to extract, analyze, and interpret information using graphic resources like graphs, tables, maps, blueprints, and charts. Like the Applied Math test, the test-taker will be given 55 minutes to complete it.

Like the Applied Math test, the Graphics literacy test contains seven levels with 3 being the lowest and 7 being the highest or most complex. 

At the lower ability levels, you only have to identify correct information by analyzing graphic representation presented in the test. 

At the middle ability levels, you are expected to not only identify which information is correct but to also be able to identify patterns, make comparisons, and derive reasonable interpretations from the information provided.

At the high ability levels, examinees are expected to utilize various data points to compare and interpret multiple trends, deduce conclusions, and justify these conclusions.

Workplace Documents

Formerly known as the reading for information test, this test 35-item test aims to measure the test-taker’s ability to read and comprehend workplace documents such as emails, procedures, policies, bulletins, memos, contracts, and even websites so that they can make good job-related decisions.

Other ACT Workkeys Assessment Tests

Workkeys Talent Assessment

Aside from the Workkeys assessments mentioned above, ACT also offers NCRC Plus, a certificate that can be earned by taking the Workkeys Talent assessment. 

Unlike the other exams that assess cognitive abilities, the talent assessment measures the examinee’s behaviors and attitudes.

The test will measure four areas that are related to workplace success: work discipline, teamwork, customer service orientation and managerial potential. The test-taker’s results will give employers an insight into the candidate’s personal characteristics and whether or not they are a good fit for the position that they are applying for.

How to Prepare for the ACT Workkeys Test

Based on the subjects covered above, one can turn to their highschool or college books as well as free online tests relating to those subjects to try and prepare for it. 

However, with our comprehensive and in-depth study guides, video guides, and practice questions, we at Prepterminal can help turn this hurdle into a mere stepping stone for you to overcome so that you can pass the ACT Workkeys Assessment easily and efficiently. 

Instead of aimless studying, our practice tests can give you a step-by-step guide on how to approach and answer the exam properly.