Hi, and welcome to PrepTerminal’s Situational Judgement Test preparation course. This course has been composed by our in-house psychometric experts to fully equip you to approach your situational judgement test effectively.

In this course, you will find guides on situational judgement tests specifically tailored to a range of positions:

  • Customer Service
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Managerial
  • Supervision

In each of these guides, we will provide you with the information needed on how to tackle these tests by explaining what traits or competencies are being measured or examined in order to determine if you fit the candidate profile that the company is looking for in an applicant.

This course will contain sample Situational Judgement Test questions in the written guides under the ‘ranking’ format where you’ll have to judge if the corresponding responses are ‘very effective’, ‘effective’, ‘neither effective nor ineffective’,’ less effective’, and ‘least effective’.

However, for the purpose of the practice tests, this course will use the ‘Choose one response’ or the ‘right/wrong’ format for these questions. 

One thing of note, however, is that since the ‘candidate profile’ may vary from company to company, the answers contained within this course may not be ideal.

This is because the answers are tailored to suit that of a company whose company culture leans heavily on ‘professionalism’, ‘non-aggressive conflict management’, ‘soft selling’, and ‘maximum tolerance’.

So if one of your answers is seen as ‘incorrect’ at the end of the practice questions but you do believe that your choice was the best response, do not feel disheartened as your choice could have fit the candidate profile of the company that you are interested in best.

Some companies prefer choices that would ensure profit, and thus would expect their candidates to pick the responses that can potentially lead to the customer to make another purchase should the product that they want is out of stock, while others would prefer choices that would ensure good customer relations by appeasing them or offering them to be put on the mailing list instead of actively trying to make them purchase another product.

As a result, this course will be best utilized as a benchmark so that you know what sort of responses you have to take when the company that you are interested in has the save candidate profile as what we have revealed above, and if the profile is the opposite, then adjusting your responses to look more ‘assertive’ will be the best course of action.

Good luck!