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The PERT test, otherwise known as the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test, is a college readiness exam. This exam aims to measure how prepared you are for college. The test is divided into three subsections: Writing, Reading, and Mathematics.

Take PERT Reading Practice Test

Prepterminal’s experts have formulated a free PERT Reading Practice Test to familiarize yourself with the format and question types of the PERT reading section. Our PERT reading quiz consists of 15 questions.
Besides, we have designed a PERT guide to provide you with all the information you need about the PERT. We want you to be completely prepared for your PERT test. That’s why we have also formulated a writing practice test and a math practice test – check your current testing-level today.

How to Pass the PERT Reading Section?

Every subsection on the PERT test includes 30 questions. The Reading part of the PERT test could be like other reading tests you may have had to take previously. On this test, you will be shown a short passage of text, which you need to read. You will then need to respond to questions about this passage. You will need to use the following competencies:

  • Working out which bits of information within a text are the most important
  • Analyzing how an assertion is formed and/or extended
  • Noticing the distinction between objective and subjective assertions
  • Arguing for or against a statement within the passage of text
  • Utilize context clues to create a definition of certain vocabulary words
  • Compare and contrast two passages. See how the author constructs their assertions, convey their perspectives, and make stylistic decisions
  • Study and understand the attributes and feelings of the characters within a passage
  • Determine how a text has been arranged, and how it makes use of diction and tone
  • Noting how a series of sentences may connect
  • Discovering how the author’s intent and the chronology of a text are related

How the PERT Reading Test Scores are Calculated?

Every one of the PERT subtests is independently scored. The scores span from 50 to 150. You cannot fail the PERT exam. Rather the score you achieve will be used to see which courses you should enroll in college. You need to achieve a certain score if you want to avoid taking an accelerated intervention course or developmental education course.

The cut-off scores for the Reading subtest are as follows:

  • Lower Level Developmental Education: Scores 50 – 83
  • Higher Level Developmental Education: Scores 84 – 103
  • Freshman Composition Skills I (ENC 1101): Scores 104 – 150

PERT Prep Course

Ace the PERT with Prepterminal’s Course

A great way to ensure that you ace the PERT test is to prepare and practice on mock exams, leading up to exam day. Make sure that you achieve your full potential and get the score you deserve. Take a comprehensive PERT prep course – like that offered by Prepterminal. When you enroll in a PERT prep course you will become familiar with the structure and format of this tricky exam. You will also gain insight into the questions you find easier to answer, and those you struggle with. This will help you tailor your study to strengthen your weaker areas of knowledge. By developing your weaknesses you will boost your PERT exam score.

Prepterminals PERT course has been designed to make your PERT exam learning experience enjoyable. That is why we have included both written and video-based guides. Our course also features PERT style practice exams with complete detailed answer explanations. When you read through the answer explanations we provide, you will learn how best to approach all PERT questions.

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