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Learn how to take on the TSA’s challenging CBT exam with the best preparation course available on the internet, featuring extensive question banks and focused guides.


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Transportation Security Officers help keep our skies safe and enjoy the benefits of a federal career with great advancement opportunities. The TSA test assessment process is broken down into the background check, face-to-face interview, verbal reasoning test, and of course, the notorious X-RAY Test. The passing rate for the exam is 32% due to the difficulty of the test and the high number of applicants during the hiring process.

Our team of psychometric experts, together with the most experienced aviation X-RAY interpretation instructors in the US and former law enforcement recruiters, created an all-inclusive training curriculum with comprehensive video based guides and practice tests to ensure that you’re 100% ready for each phase of the assessment and meet all job requirements.

What is Included?

How to ACE the X-RAY test

Learn from professional aviation security instructors how to scan X-RAY images successfully within 5 seconds and practice with 800 real X-RAY luggage images – THE biggest pool of X-RAY style questions available. Scanning images will become second nature.

How to pass the personal interview

Understand the interviewer’s point of view, the right approach and get familiar with 25 of the most common interview questions you will most likely be asked.

How to have a smooth and short background check

This process may take up to 6 months which would significantly extend the time taken to start work. We will teach you how to minimize the time spent on this to make your application as smooth as possible.

Prepare for verbal and reading comprehension

This course will teach you how to effectively approach and prepare for the verbal and reading comprehension components of the TSA computer based test in a short/limited time.

This course takes a full view of X-Ray image analysis. Rather than simply teaching you how to identify individual items in isolation, we provide a full understanding of how X-Ray images are presented and how the key focus factors should be interpreted in all circumstances. Once you have finished this course, you will be able to identify any item in a baggage scan, even beyond those which you will be asked for on the test. By understanding how to identify any item based on the key focus factors, you will be able to apply this knowledge in assessing the X-Ray images and quickly identify the presence of target items.

On this course, you will work through a module-based curriculum featuring in-depth guides followed by module quizzes, and finally a number of full-length Practice Tests. By following the curriculum and viewing all resources, you will substantially increase your performance on this difficult test, as well as improve your performance on the job by using the techniques developed by our aviation security experts.

Learn the Key Factors

This course goes into depth on the key factors for identifying target items in the X-Ray test. Learn from veteran airport security experts who have successfully applied this knowledge in a live environment for years, and ace this test.

The Holistic Approach

To truly understand how to interpret X-Ray images, you need to understand the fundamentals of X-Ray screening, so that you may view each component as part of a whole and apply that knowledge to home in to the target item.

Who is This Course for?

If you’ve applied to work for the TSA, you are going to face a lot of competition. A role in the TSA comes with many benefits, so you’ll be facing a lot of other applicants when trying to secure the job. The test is administered in two main components:

  • English proficiency
  • X-ray image analysis

Regardless of your confidence in your english proficiency, it is vital that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the format to be expected on the test. At the very least, you will benefit substantially by giving yourself a vital edge against your competition in this part of the test.

However, most applicants face a major disadvantage when it comes to the X-Ray Test. This test is completely unfamiliar to a vast majority of applicants, who have never had to operate a baggage x-ray scan. Many applicants fail their examination because they were not prepared.

In order to remedy your unpreparedness for the X-Ray Test, we have prepared extensive resources to ensure that by the time you sit the real exam you are an expert in the field, and able to spot the items in any scan you might encounter.

X-Ray Test

The X-Ray test is the most difficult part of the TSA CBT test, since most applicants will never have had to answer questions of this type. Can you see the knife in this image within 6 seconds?


You need to be lightning fast with finding these images in the real test, since it’s meant to assess your ability to find images in a split second in a real airport security environment. You don’t have time to second-guess yourself, so need to be quick and consistent. Here’s the knife:


Since the job deals with critical security checks, you can expect to find very challenging questions on this part of the TSA Computer Based Test. Those who are trying to smuggle prohibited items with malicious intent will go to great efforts to conceal them in baggage, so as a TSO you will be expected to apply your own initiative in using the scanning tools provided to identify and flag threats in real time. Not only does this preparation prepare you for the test – it also provides skills and insight which will be vital to performing your job role successfully. Let’s take a look at another example of a prohibited item existing in a baggage scan. Can you tell if there is a weapon in this image within 6 seconds?


It is hard to consistently and correctly identify the item you are searching for in many cases, as there are often red herrings to be found in the baggage; some items are not always as they originally appear, and so it can at times be hard to figure out what an item is. Here is the location of the gun in the baggage:


Our course covers how to correctly identify items so that you can home in on the correct item quickly and effectively. By making use of our instructional guides alongside our practice tests, you will be fully covered when it comes to sitting the real test.

In addition to prohibited items, the X-Ray Test will ask you to identify certain non-prohibited items, such as bottles and shoes. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples. Can you see the shoes in the first image, or the bottle in the second?


The TSA is testing you for your ability to identify items effectively – not just to pick out key items. After all, this is a test of your overall ability to read these scans as a whole. Here are the solutions for the two scans:


Get it Right the First Time

The test was designed to challenge applicants to ensure that they are fit for the role of protecting the country’s transportation. This is a critical role, so they are not going to go easy on you. If you fail this test, you must wait 6 months before you can re-apply. It’s in your interest to get this right the first time by coming fully prepared.

Expert Insights on the Best Test-taking Techniques

Taking such an unfamiliar test can be an intimidating prospect. This test in particular was created to assess how well you can handle a completely new format of problem solving, meaning that it was never meant to be easy. By preparing thoroughly with our extensive practice resources, you are taking foolproof steps to ensuring success.

This course was produced by our team of psychometric experts in collaboration with the most experienced aviation X-Ray interpretation instructors in the US and former law enforcement recruiters. By signing up for this course, you’re learning from the most qualified instructors.

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