Pass our Free PERT Math Practice Test: Q&A with Explanations (2023)

Last updated 12/2022

The PERT test, also known as the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test, is intended to assess your college readiness. It tests your abilities in relation to the core subjects: math, reading, and writing.

Prepterminal has developed a free PERT Math practice test to assess your initial testing level. Our PERT Math Practice Test consists of 15 questions.

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Also, Prepterminal has created a PERT guide tailored to answer questions you may have about the PERT. We want you to be fully prepared for the exam. That’s why we have gone the extra mile and designed a writing practice test and a reading practice test, for your benefit.

The PERT Math Section Explained in Detail

The PERT Math exam features 30 test questions. You will be permitted to use a calculator app, which your testing station will provide. You cannot use your own calculator. The questions on the PERT Math test subsection will be based on one of the following principles:

  • Percentages: You will need to change a whole number into a percentage when faced with questions in this category.
  • Prime numbers: The question in this category focuses on numbers that have no other factors other than the number one and itself. It is best to memorize 10 prime numbers so that you can spot them quickly.
  • Order of operations: You will need to have an understanding of PEMDAS, to solve order of operation problems. This involves approaching a maths problem by addressing the part enclosed in parenthesis first. Following this, you address the exponents, then dividing and/or multiplying, and lastly adding and/or subtracting.
  • Polynomials: Polynomials can be thought of as more intricate types of simple algebraic equations. They will feature more than one algebraic equation, and you will need to work them out using the Order of Operations process.
  • Equations: Equations are the easiest part of Algebra. This sort of mathematical notation will be prominent in the PERT Math subtest.
  • Exponents: Problems that fall under this category denote a particular sort of numerical notation that you may have seen before. Number with exponents written beside them, for example, 72 or 53. In this instance, the smaller number represents the number of times the bigger number needs to be self-multiplied. You could need to work out the precise value of a variable exponent when solving a larger algebraic problem.
  • Coordinate planes: These questions ask you to look at the connection between line coordinate graphs and equations. You may need to answer algebraic questions according to a pair of grid coordinates, and the line they would make. You then need to discover the equation of the line.

The PERT Scoring System (Math Part)

All of the PERT subtests are scored individually. The scores can range from 50 – 150. You can not fail the PERT test, rather the score you achieve will be used to see what course you will be permitted to take in college. You must meet the cut-off scores if you don’t want to take developmental educational or accelerated intervention courses. The cut-off scores for the mathematics subtest are as follows:

  • Lower Level Developmental Education: Scores 50 to 95
  • Higher Level Developmental Education: Scores 96 to 112
  • Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1033): Scores 113 to 122
  • College Algebra or higher (MAC 1105): Scores 123 to 150

Explore Prepterminal’s PERT Preparation Course

The most effective way to ace the PERT test is to practice using mock PERT exams and questions. To further enhance your test score it is also suggested that you take a total PERT prep course – such as that provided by Prepterminal. When you take a specific prep course you will learn the format and structure of this psychometric test. You will also see which question types you know how to solve and which question types you have difficulty answering. This way you can develop your weaker areas and improve your test score.

Prepterminals preparatory PERT course includes both written and video guides. No matter how you learn, we have you covered! Our in-depth course also features practice tests with full detailed answer explanations. By reading through the explanations you will learn the best way to tackle all question types.

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